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Rodenstock's New Quality Frames

New quality frames from Rodenstock

September 2012

Rodenstock has added stylish new frames for men and women to its Contemporary collection.

The latest additions to the eyewear portfolio combine Rodenstock’s technologically exceptional quality with trendy design and striking modern colours.

Lightness, transparency, decorative silhouettes and an elegant material mix characterise the R5260 for women and the R5258 for men.

The R5260 is an incredibly feminine frame suitable for conservative and ultra-modern wearers alike. With plastic fronts, metal sides and straight lugs, this super lightweight design comes in grey, brown, lilac, blue and red.

Modern and minimalist sums up the R2290, technically refined men’s spectacles made from brushed stainless steel. The frame includes dual colouration and an innovative ‘inverted’ globe hinge concept that offers perfect adjustment and great design characteristics. The R2290 comes in two sizes and five colours.

A classic Carré shape and a combination of plastic front and sophisticated stainless steel sides give the R5258 its very light, contemporary look. It features a technically inspired metal temple with long, modern temple tip and comes in grey, brown, lilac, blue and red, either contrasting or tone-in-tone.

A soft lens shape combined with a contemporary top line gives the R2284 women’s frame a refined yet striking appeal. The design revolves around modern colour contrasts, especially on the high-quality, multi-layered acetate sides, with a distinctive colour accent on the acetate temple inside. The R2284 comes in red, black, gold, lilac and gun.

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