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Rodenstock Offers More Choice in R-Lite Collection

Rodenstock Offers More Choice in R-Lite Collection

May 2012

Rodenstock has added new models to its popular R-Lite Collection of colourful and elegant plug fitting rimless frames.

The R’2275 Beta Titanium model for men features stylish two-coloured large and thin sides with a rimless frame. The design is available in five colours – black, gold antique, blue, brown and gun – and two eyeshapes.

The R’2282, also Beta Titanium, is designed for women with two contemporary eyeshapes and bi-coloured sides in brown, gold, chocolate / brown, violet and rose.

The R-Lite Collection of complete spectacle packages offers a wide selection of fresh and vibrant frames with the highest-quality Rodenstock lenses at unbeatable promotional prices. The collection boasts a superior screwless glazing system plus a variety of eyeshapes to satisfy demands of customers.

Damien Klevge, Rodenstock Frame Product Manager said: “The R-Lite Collection offers a wide choice of colours and styles for customers, with the highest-quality lenses and workmanship. The complete package promotion provides opticians with exceptional value and quality.”

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