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Porsche Design Continues 40 Year Celebrations

Porsche Design continues 40 year celebrations

April 2012

Porsche Design continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary with the release of a limited edition timepiece and sunglasses collector’s box, featuring two ground-breaking icons of precision engineering.

Porsche DesignThe ‘40Y of Iconic Products’ box contains two Porsche Design classics: the world's first black wristwatch, from 1972, and the world's first sunglasses with replaceable lenses, the P'8478, first issued in 1978.

Porsche Design has created just 911 of the collector's boxes with a limited number available in the UK retailing at £4,200. The stylish gift boxes contain reissued versions of each design remodelled with exclusive red detail and a unique laser-marked code.

The P’6540 matt silver-grey Chronograph I wristwatch is made from super light shot blasted titanium, retaining all the accuracy, style and craftsmanship of the original.
The P'8478 aviator sunglasses are made of sandblasted titanium in matt silver-grey combined with brown, silver-mirrored, progressive tint lenses. Four decades on, the sunglasses are still recognised as one of the world’s most sought-after luxury brands, worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

Both the 40Y red detail eyewear and wristwatch are exclusive to the collector’s box. 

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