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Silhouette Add Colour to Zenlight Range

Silhouette Adds Colour To Its Award-winning Zenlight Eyewear Range

July 2011

Silhouette Zenlight ColourSilhouette designers were  inspired by nature and Zen philosophy when it created its award-winning Zenlight range. Now Silhouette has selected a new palette of exciting and dynamic contemporary colours to add more energy and impact to the range.

In addition to the 12 original colours of the Zenlight range there are six all-new ones to choose from, which enable even more scope for creativity and harmony.

The new colourways include Yellow Spirit, Purple Dream, Green Strength and Red Action. Each of these fresh and dynamic colours is in keeping with the current colour-blocking trend, and in the Zenlight the colours are applied to translucent framed backgrounds.

More subdued but still exciting are the new colour combinations Brown and Black Infinity, which extend the Zenlight family to a total of 18 different colour combinations.

Silhouette ZenlightThe Zenlight range provides wearers with a great user experience. Lightweight and supremely comfortable the pared down, unencumbered design has no screws or anything that might either weigh you down or limit your field of vision.

The combination of different colours and varied lens designs available for the Zenlight also allow for unlimited variety and customisation of spectacles to the needs, personalities and faces of their wearers.

Zenlight is one of the most successful and popular models of frameless glasses in the last two years, and it has even received an iF Design Award.

“It’s an achievement for us if spectacle wearers love a particular model. We’re delighted for the model’s success but it also keeps us committed to further development – making a success story even more successful.” says Silhouette brand director Andreas Aschauer Martinelli.

From July 2011 the six new Silhouette Zenlight colours – approx. 80% of which are handmade in Austria – are available at opticians worldwide.

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