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Shamir Lenses Customized to Work Needs

Shamir launches new lenses customized to work needs – Keeping the office in perfect focus

March 2011

Shamirs new lenses, Shamir Computer™ and Shamir WorkSpace™ expand the viewing field while ensuring sharp focus at prioritized distances.

The latest innovations from Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. (NASDAQ: SHMR) have just been launched – Shamir Computer™ and Shamir WorkSpace™. Taking into account how people work, these new advanced Freeform® occupational lenses offer quick and simple dispensing solutions based on individual work environments and priorities.

When focus on the computer screen and its near surroundings is top priority, Shamir Computer provides a wide field of vision up to 1.5m (5 ft.) – a far greater depth of field than that offered by conventional reading lenses. For people whose work priorities are both mid-distance and near viewing, Shamir WorkSpace offers a depth of field up to 3m (10 ft.). This advanced lens design allows movement within the workspace and sharp vision whether the required focus is on the desk or a colleague across the room.

By providing optimal focus at just the right distances, with no need for squinting, head tilting or neck craning, Shamir Computer and Shamir WorkSpace also help alleviate the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and its associated orthopaedic complications.

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