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Titan Dynamics from Silhouette

New Rimless Eyewear from Silhouette...Titan Dynamics

November 2010

Titan Dynamics, is the new, 12 model, rimless eyewear line from leading rimless eyewear specialist, Silhouette. The subtle and refined new range harmoniously combines metal and lens in naturally flowing lines that accentuate the face and its expressions rather than draw unnecessary attention to the frame itself. The result is eyewear that magically unites function with emotion.

The range champions refinement in design which is a speciality of Silhouette and is the working embodiment of the company’s ethos of ‘Seeing without boundaries’. The design encourages the positive interaction of material, colour and lines – whilst also optimizing comfort and ease of use.

Titan Dynamics from SilhouetteTitan Dynamics from SilhouetteTitan Dynamics from Silhouette

Titan Dynamics is available in a diverse and engaging colour palette embracing tones and combinations that are rich in subtle elegance such as November Chestnut, April Leaves, August Dawn or February Breeze. Classics include March Dewdrops, July Sparkling, December Shadows, January Frost and then there’s the dynamic freshness of June Sunrise, September Rainbow, October Harvest or May Weekend.

The Titan Dynamics range is available from selected opticians nationwide from September 2010. 80% of each model in the range is hand-crafted in Austria and the design uses no screws. Titan Dynamics – just like all Silhouette models – are among the highest quality rimless eyewear in the world.

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