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Super Nature Optical

Super Nature Optical, a new range from Swarovski with 23 carat coatings

Daniel Swarovski Crystal Eyewear launches Super Nature Optical, a sparkling array of feminine delicacy combined with unique crystals in both rimless and rimmed versions.

Super Nature Optical from SwarovskiVariations of precisely cut crystals are arranged with such intimacy to frame the wearers face perfectly, it also allows the wearer face to glow with a radiant shine. The four models within the range boast unique designs to which 32 perfectly cut crystals are hand-arranged in a floral explosion.

Classic hues of colour reflect the essence of Nature, with colours such as Silver Shadow, Golden Moonlight and Champaign are subtly emphasised on the frame by yellow and white gold elements. The crystal accents of Gipsy Rose and Savannah Brown are overlaid with Cool Grey and Pacific Blue

23 carat multiple gold coating features on both of the rimless opticals, the full-rimmed versions have a delicate synthetic finish.

The Super Nature collection is designed to sparkle in all it facets making it the best possible introduction to spring.

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