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VDU Legislation

VDU Legislation and how it affects employers and employees

Health & Safety (Small Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992

These regulations have been implemented from a European Directive for some time now and place a commitment on the employer to ensure that:

  • VDU legislation eye careWork stations are correctly placed for maximum comfort, and that desks and chairs and other accessories are provided where necessary (e.g. foot rests) to give good posture.†
  • Those VDU workers are screened from glare and take adequate breaks. 
  • That each VDU worker, (defined as one who does a regular job using a VDU on a daily or weekly basis, not necessarily full time) is provided with a free visual screening test and if required a paid for private eye examination.
  • Should a specialist lens or prescription be required for VDU use only then the employer should make pay for a standard appliance or make a contribution towards the cost.


There are a number of optical companies who provide on site screening and examination by registered opticians, as well as vouchers towards sight tests carried out in the High Street.

We think itís worth showing your practitioner a rough plan or your work station with distances and heights from your eyes to the screen as there are some excellent lenses made especially for VDU usage for both single vision and varifocals.† Click here for more information

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