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Vision Charity Events

Vision Charity Events

Carrots NightWalk: 19.09.14 London, 26.09.14 Bristol and Birmingham

The Carrots NightWalks are Fight for Sightís flagship fundraising events: night-time sponsored walks taking in spectacular city sights. For the last three years, hundreds of Carrots NightWalkers have walked around London, raising over £300,000 for Fight for Sight and our charity partners. This year, we're building on our success in Lodon and rolling the Carrots NightWalk out to other cities.

Fight for Sight is the main charity in the UK dedicated to funding eye research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease. Sight is the sense that people value the most, yet itís often taken for granted. Please support the Carrots NightWalks and raise funds for eye research: not only will you see some of our citiesí most spectacular night-time sights, youíll also remind yourselves and others just how much the ability to see is valued.

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