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The Toxic Invasion

21st Century health issues…

Prevention at last acknowledged as better than cure

The Toxic Invasion

Given the improvements in public health, sanitation and education in the last century, does it not strike you as odd that diseases, disability and life threatening illnesses are on the up and up?

Allergic reactions to almost any stimuli (peanuts, wasp stings, etc.) have appeared from no where and the old favourites have almost quadrupled in numbers.  Well there has been plenty of speculation on causes in the last two decades but recent research by many scientists especially in America are now providing evidence and naming the culprits in our environment as specific additives in household products, cosmetics, personal products and even within the food chain.

By reviewing the information on the web and providing links we aim to throw a spotlight on the toxins, some known carcinogens, that most of us are using or making contact with either by contact, inhalation or ingestion. 

Healthcare is moving to a new paradigm of prevention before cure and this is to be welcomed, but we need to help ourselves and our families to stay healthy as many of the products that we use today are slowly building up within our bodies and either individually or combining will create problems in our later life at precisely the time in life when we are able to enjoy leisure time as long as we remain healthy.

A notable and eminent player in the fight against toxic attack is Dr Samuel Epstein MD Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Illinois.   Dr. Epstein is an internationally recognized authority on avoidable causes of cancer, particularly unknowing exposures to industrial carcinogens in air, water, the workplace, and consumer products--food, cosmetics and toiletries, and household products including pesticides--besides carcinogenic prescription drugs.  If you want to research yourself then the Professor’s writings are a good place to start.  However we have listed a number of known toxins and have tried to link them with many well known product types.  The list will help you identify these chemicals in many of your products so that you can make the decision to stop poisoning your family.  You can also find out about products that are specially manufactured to provide natural and safe chemicals by clicking here.

Because many of these products are used in the home we also did some research to see whether there women are at greater risk generally being in the home for longer periods at a time and also using the products more often than men.  Click here to see some of the results.

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