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Silhouette and Adidas Eyewear
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The number one premium Rimless Eyewear brand in the world. Eyewear should be more than “just” an aid to seeing, but rather a stylish accessory in a unique design that offers lightness and comfort. In 1964, five colleagues and a designer started the history of the leading Austrian eyewear manufacturer. To this day, Silhouette pursues this vision and sets standards in innovation, lightness, comfort and quality.

With stunning designs and exquisite quality of materials used, our Titan Minimal Art is the iconic piece enjoyed by so many of our consumers. At only 1.6 grams, it is the lightest eyewear frame in the world. It symbolises everything create, and want to achieve in Eyewear.

Silhouette places value on innovative technology, craftsmanship and the knowledge of its staff. The entire development process – from the idea to the finished product – an average of 200 carefully coordinated production stages are required for every model, to the tiniest detail.

Authentic Eyewear like it should be, handcrafted, made in Austria.

Adidas Eyewear

From training to races, adidas eyewear will make sure that you never lose sight of the finishing line.

World renowned for their technical quality and innovative award winning design, adidas eyewear understand the demands of sports sunglasses in providing durable and uncompromising protection. Adidas’ lightweight, non-slip sport sunglasses are equipped with the best filter technology, providing perfect eye protection to help you achieve your personal best.

Crucial to better performance in sport is better vision. For athletes with need for vision correction, adidas offers and unparalleled range of prescription solutions, including in-frame glazing and performance inserts.

Trusted and tested by the world’s leading athletes, the adidas eyewear collection is manufactured by the respected eyewear producer Silhouette International in Austria.

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