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Oxyal for Dry Eyes


The tear substitute of choice – Oxyal is a lubricating ophthalmic eye drop containing 0.15% hyaluronic acid, produced from a fermentation process (non animal source) in a 10ml easy to use bottle.

Oxyal contains Protector which is a filmogenous polymer that optimises the viscoelastic properties of the drop and prolongs the wetting action resulting in increased patient comfort.

Oxyal also contains a rapidly biodegradable preservative called Oxyd that means that it is suitable for all contact lens wearers and can be used for 60 days once opened.

• Long lasting lubrication and relief of dry eye symptoms
• Preservative free on the Eye
• Effective and easy to use
• Suitable for all types of contact lens wearers
• Lasts up to seven times longer than hypromellose on the eye
• Slightly hypotonic that counteracts hyperosmolarity of the tear film


Protector® is a hydrosoluble non-ionic polymer of low molecular weight.

Protector® has filmogenous and lubricant properties and is able to increase viscosity and reduce the surface tension of hyaluronic solutions containing it.

Oxyal wetting


Benefits of Oxyd:
• Preservative Free on the Eye
• Can be used with all types of contact lenses
• Lasts for 60 days once opened.

Oxyd dissipates over a short period to turn into salt, water and oxygen.

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