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Rimless Spectacle Frames

Rimless yes, but full of style

Rimless glassesFor the last few years the rimless spectacle frame has gained grand in the spectacle market, often with total minimalism, steel grey colours and anti reflection lenses allowing the face to show through. On the right person they canít be beaten, but many people rely on their spectacle shape or colour to add personality to their face or to blend in with the event. So we are now in the third generation of rimless with much more colour offered by thicker sides and some rimless becoming semi rimless with brow bars over the eyes accentuating face shapes and eye brow lines. So you can now select a number of variations to suit work and play, and adding tints to the lenses can often highlight the frame colour by contrast.

Change Me! Frames 1Have a look at a completely different design concept from Vistan Brillen, a German company who have launched the ChangeMe range of frames where first you select the spectacle lens shape and brow colour then you choose from over 70 interchangeable sides.

Change Me! Frames 1Buy one glazed spectacle front and three differently designed and coloured pairs of sides and you basically end up with three pairs of specs to wear with different outfits.

Change Me! Frames 1Images to left are Change Me! Frames.



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