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Virtual Mirror

Choosing your perfect frame by the virtual route

Seeing without boundaries

You would expect that one of the most innovative designers in spectacle fashion, namely Silhouette would invent a truly novel frame design but to have produced a method of trying on their rimless frames from the comfort of your computer chair provides a leap forward in styling and frame choice.

The revolutionary online consulting tool from Silhouette allows you to choose your glasses in a “Virtually” effortless way.

Silhouette has introduced the NEW Virtual Mirror, launched in April 2009, to provide you with a personal consultation and help you determine which custom made and hand tailored glasses suit your face.

For a truly personal look and your individual Silhouette style, choose the freedom of Silhouette’s rimless glasses. Designed to be windows to the soul, Silhouette frames are sculpted to enhance your features, not hide them and in three clicks you can pick a pair to suit your face – simply pick your favourite model, lens shape and colour.

With just 1 click: Upload your picture and choose your shape
Simply choose from one of the four face shapes on the website or upload your own picture onto the virtual mirror at The result of the frames on your photo is impressively realistic and looks like it was taken with you actually wearing Silhouette eyewear. Try out their various models on your face and see which suits you the best.

You can also view your chosen frames indepth – including surface and design and get a real close up view of your new glasses.

Choosing a pair of glasses from the comfort of your own desk could not be easier with Silhouette’s Virtual Mirror. Unlike other sites, Silhouette’s advisers use their expertise to work with you to help you select the best pair of frames so you’re not left to aimlessly try on thousands of pairs of glasses and work out what looks best. There is an endless choice of variety and possibilities.

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Seeing without boundariesSeeing without boundaries


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