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Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends


Just as in all fashion items trends come and go, somewhat slower in the spectacle market owing to the average period of 30 months between visits to the opticians. Spectacle wearers are unique in the UK in owning a limited supply of current spectacles. Many of our European & American cousins have a selection of pairs for different uses and to wear with different outfits. Perhaps it’s a hangover from free NHS specs back in the 70’s that makes us so mean. There can’t be any other fashion item that is worn every day of our lives in the most prominent position on our noses that we do not change more than once every three years!!

Today’s spectacle frames offer an exciting choice between wearing almost invisible rimless frames to bold colour designs and heavy rimmed or bold sides.

Current Face Furniture provides you with a choice between a minimalist approach to spectacle frames to an “in your face” and make an impact style. Last year we were swinging towards large and bold. However the rimless designs have resurfaced with a new design generation with colouration to compliment skin tones on the brow and the sides. (see Silhouette Colorama)

There is still a swing towards larger frames but our love of lightweight specs is holding back some of the newer styles.

As a tip if you want to be ahead of fashion watch what the Southern Europeans are wearing firstly in sunglasses and later in specs. Like all fashion apparel you must choose what suits you within the market trend and we have some tips on choice on My Local Optician for frame shapes that suit your face shape.

The most dramatic change this decade has been the dominance of the Designer Name attributed to frame ranges. The best fashion designers are very picky on whose frames they attach names to, and although these bear a price they often provide style and flare.

The Optical market is flooded with run of the mill unbranded product, hence the ability for businesses to provide BOGOF’s and similarly unknown or created brands are creeping into the market to bridge the gap between “me too” products and the best designers.

In rimless frames it is particularly important to select well made frames that will not loosen on the joints. Some models use only a single pivot screw to attach the side to the lens and in our view these are not as robust as those with multi screws or double plastic rivets. Be guided by your Dispensing Optician.

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