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Diabetes and the Eye

The effects on vision by diabetes

There is a predicted dramatic increase in Type 2 Diabetes in the population in addition to those earlier in life with insulin dependent type 1 diabetes. Having diabetes does not necessarily mean that your sight will be affected but if it is early diagnosis and treatment is essential to stop reduction or loss of vision. All diabetics are allowed a free sight examination with an optometrist each year or more often if deemed necessary. You may not recognise any symptoms in its early stages but this is the crucial time to act and prevent blindness. Because the most dramatic effects are caused by “leaky blood vessels” in the back of the eye your eyecare professional can se the earliest signs of the effects of diabetes and with modern photographic instrumentation can plot and monitor the speed of change and act accordingly working closely with your diabetic and eyecare specialist in your local hospital.

As well as leaky blood vessels blocking the sensitivity of vision cells, they can also become blocked which initiates the eye to start growing new ones often wrongly situated causing more vision loss and in long term cases retinal detachment.

Once again not smoking and a careful control of cholesterol, sugar intake and blood pressure will reduce the risks of vision reduction in diabetes.

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