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Eye Protection and VDUs

Eye Protection at Work and Play

As we have said we only have one set of eyes so we need to look after them as well as ensuring other people’s eyes are well protected.  That is why there is a plethora of statutory acts designed to protect our eyes and our vision within the work place. These include safety requirements for work where moving machinery or where dangerous hazards occur as well as legislation on the rights of VDU and monitor workers to receive regular screening and/or a full test with help towards a specialist prescription if required for their job.

There are fewer concerns displayed on sharp pointed toys (swords, arrows and play guns) then there should be and we at play put ourselves at risk especially in racquet and small ball games.

Still more hazards occur in daily life where we are often subjected to harmful UV radiation, when the correct sunglasses are essential.  We coat ourselves in sun lotion to reduce these harmful rays damaging our skin but we continue to leave our eyes and the lenses within in them exposed.  This increases significantly our chances of cataracts, and external eye damage such as conjunctival growth over the cornea named Pterygium.

As well as using UV400 quality lenses we can also ask for our clear lenses to be coated with a clear UV filter, so if we wear specs we will be protected at all times.

We look at the areas of potential eye injuries and working with VDUs in the following sections.

Vision protection at work and play

VDU legislation

Coping with VDUs

Sports Vision

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